We offer a way for you to fix your Jeep in about 1 hour and under $40.00
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1996 Thru 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L or 5.2L

1996 Thru 2000 Jeep Cherokee 2.5L or 4.0L

1997 Thru 1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L or 4.0L
Backfiring, Dying, Sputtering

Things that will drive you crazy while your vehicle goes in and out of the repair shop



This modification is one of the simplest jobs you can do on your car today.

This modification is not meant to take place of regular maintenance on your vehicle, so you'll still need to maintain your regular scheduled maintenance. If you have all ready performed a Complete Tune-Up, Checked Fuel Pump, TPS Sensor, CKP Sensor and checked to make sure that your Catalytic Converter is not PLUGED. Than we may have the solution for you before you replace your PCM.

It may sound to good to be true and you won't believed it until you see it for self.
You will be given a link to a full set of Downloadable Instructions PDF along with a complete
to watch as many times as you want on the Repair Page.
You will have access to all the instructions and videos for just $19.95
Since this modification on the PCM is so inexpensive, easy and can keep you from having one or more of these problems in the first place we recommending that you do this as a form of perventive maintenance.
Check and see if your vehicles computer looks just like this one. It will be located under the hood on the passenger side of the firewall.
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This absolutely worked!!! Thank you so much, we did this and replaced the rotary cup and it started right up with no issues since - we actually did this with the jeep sitting at the mechanics parking lot. They couldn't believe it, they had given up!
Thank you so much for publishing this!!!!!
Thank you!

Thank you for responding. I did your repair this morning and am very hopeful. My Jeep has more rev and feels much more powerful. The video was so clearly done and your shopping list with pictures was wonderful. Thanks for helping those of us that didn't have a clue-even my mechanic wasn't sure what was going on. Again, you guys are great and I appreciate your professionalism and expertise.
Thanks A**********

This works! Five days in and no problems. Really appreciate the video. Long story short…my computer went bad. It had a burnt spot on the circuit board. I took the Jeep to a mechanic they put in a new computer. After a few days it was still shorting out. I did the process? in the video. After five days, no problem. I really think that just cleaning the connectors was the fix in my situation. I could tell the shop did not clean them when they installed the computer
Thanks a*******

Drove from Cleveland to Virginia Beach after the modification, which only took 30 minutes and cost 10 bucks. This? video is worth it!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Ken -Rob

There is no kit .The video shows the whole process describing tools and materials needed to perform the fix,plus the actual modification,its easy and inexpensive.worth it!Several months before I put a new fuel pump in before I did this and it ran good for few weeks then started acting up again,It gets to the? point do I drive out of town?Its going on a month since I did the dying jeep mod I recently drove 200 miles out of town without an issue of stalling or backfiring.
Thanks b*************